Holiday Spiced Wines

Tis’ the season for giving and receiving presents, food, fruit cake, gift baskets, holiday cheer and love. People often forget what this holiday is all about which is spending time with your loved ones and giving thanks for everything that has happened over the past year. What better way to spend the holiday then with nice a glass of spiced wine while sitting around the Christmas tree (or menorah if you’re Jewish)? I was able to find some nice wines that that can bring holiday cheer to anyone in a wine glass.

Ferrante Celebration Spice Wine

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Ferrante Celebration Spice:

It’s a sweet festive grape wine spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove or natural flavors. The wine can be enjoyed with a cinnamon stick or citrus fruits. It is made in Harpersfield Township, Geneva, Ohio and is only released during the fall and winter months. The information above was taken from the Ferrante Winery’s website.

The wine tasted great but I wouldn’t eat it with dinner. I enjoyed it more as a night cap so the flavors were able to cultivate their own tastes and didn’t compete with the flavors from the food. I found the bottle for only $7.99. It is a corked top so I wouldn’t let it sit too long once it’s opened. I put some wine in the fridge and it was enjoyable warn or cold.

Brotherhood Spiced Wine

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Brotherhood Spiced Wine:

The tradition of mulled wine in our country goes back to before the Revolution, when it was quaffed piping hot in taverns, inns and homes. Brotherhood’s Holiday Wine carries on this colonial tradition. Its moderate sweetness is balanced with tartness. Holiday is a versatile wine. It can be served piping hot (but do not boil) in a pitcher or punch bowl or chilled over ice. The winery is located in Washingtonville, New York and is the oldest winery in America operating since 1893.  The information above was taken from the wine label on the bottle and from the Brotherhood Winery’s website.

I really liked this wine a lot. I prepared my glass with ice cubes so it had a slight chill to it like the label said. It was perfect. The ice didn’t water down the wine but mellowed out the spices so it wasn’t overpowering. I didn’t drink it with food so there weren’t any other flavors competing with the wine. The bottle only cost me $7.99 and was totally worth it.

Naughty & Nice

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Naughty & Nice:

It is the newest seasonal release from the Duplin Winery and is a delicious white Muscadine wine. It is sweet and fruity wine that is enjoyable alone or with fresh fruits and sweet desserts. The winery is located in Rose Hill, North Carolina and has three other holiday wines to try such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Wine and Just Naughty Wine. The information above is taken from the Duplin Winery’s website.

First off I would just like to say I am not a fan of white wine. I got to admit though for a white wine it was very enjoyable. I drank a glass with strawberries and chocolate to eat and it paired perfectly. I give it two thumbs up for anyone who like sweet white wines. I was able to buy the bottle for $9.99.

These wines can be purchased at your local beverage store or grocery store but only for a limited time. Once they are gone, they are gone until next year so stock up fast. The state of Ohio mandates these prices that I have mentioned in my article. If you live in another state, prices may vary.

Disclaimer: Please don’t drink until you’re 21 years old. If you do drink, please don’t drive!


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