About The Blog

The point of this blog is to introduce my readers to beer, wine and liquors, that won’t hurt their finances. I will discuss different types of alcohol with different types of prices to fit the average consumers’ budget.

Over the next couple of months I will talk about seasonal drinks, and how to pair food with different types of alcohol.

My goal is help people try different types of booze with out killing their finances.


1 thought on “About The Blog

  1. I really enjoy your blog because I like to drink myself. I love trying new things especially when it comes to beer. I don’t see why your friends wouldn’t want to try Pumpkin Ale considering it would have given them a reason to drink and find a beer they may have actually liked. I really want to taste a few of the kinds you mentioned after reading the reviews you gave. I love Christmas Ale so hopefully I will love Pumpkin Ale. I also enjoyed your post about the college kids and their drinking preferences. For my friends and I, we always buy Natural Light because like you showed, it is the cheapest and still gets you drunk just the same. I’m glad to see that it is the least amount of calories and carbs too:) Beer bellies are not cute!

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