About Me

My boyfriend and I with a baby Warthog

Howdy do there!! My name is Kathryn Moore, and I’m a senior at Kent State University studying public relations. I received my Associate of Arts degree in 2008 and then transferred to the main branch in Kent to continue my schooling.

I have a great boyfriend, a loving family and cute dogs: What more could a person ask for?

I grew-up in Russell, Ohio, located about 40 minutes outside of Cleveland in Geauga County. The local hot-spot in town is the convenient store, Circle K, located on the corner of Route 87 and 306. In the heart of our town is a vet clinic, two hair salons, a post office, a town hall, a fire department and a gas station; that’s it.

For the past seven years I have been working as a bartender. School during the day and a full-time job at night can take a toll on one’s sleep schedule, but I’m a night owl. I’ve had other jobs since I was 14 years old, sometimes more than one at a time, just nothing compares to the skills I’ve gained from tending bar. Anybody can pour a drink, but to be a bartender takes talent.

I’ve met lots of people and have made thousands of drinks, but I still learn something new every day.

For more information about me or my blog, check out my video.

The photos in my header are courtesy of houseof77snakes, SeanMarshallo, bigdavis, 1materi3lgurl8 and falcozappa.


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