Red, Wine & Brew Is Here For You

There is a little beverage store in Chesterland, Ohio that you would never know was there unless somebody told you about it. The outside does this little town gem no justice. It’s not until you step inside and see all the wonders the store holds behinds its doors. The place is huge and you can literally find any kind of beer, wine or cigars that you want or can think of.

Red, Wine & Brew Sign

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This store is called Red, Wine & Brew and was started four to five years ago with only three employees. The three employees were its owner Sam Shah, his father Anil Shah and their friend Bob Patel. They are still there today greeting everyone with a smile as they walk in the front door.

“Customers are our number one priority,” owner Sam Shah said. “There are many people that have been coming here since we opened and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.”

Over 800 Cigars

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Since the place opened Shah has expanded his store a couple of times over the years. Whenever a space became available next to his store he was able to add it on and bring in more products so customers could have more variety to choose from. The store is a giant maze now and if a new customer doesn’t get the tour they offer of the place (just an overview of where stuff a located at), generally a newbie can get lost quickly.

Over 6000 Wines

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Today the store boasts over 6,000 wines, 2,000 beers and 800 cigars. It is all broken down by import beer, domestic beer, import wine, domestic wine, big bottles of wine and a cigar area. There are roughly ten employees who work there now that are just as helpful with the customers as the original three are. Every Friday and Saturday the store hosts a moderate wine tasting so customers can try different wines and beers plus learn about them from the stores assistant manager Alex Bossard.

Over 2000 Beers

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Bossard is the stores “wine guru” and knows a ton about wine. He is there Tuesday thru Saturday to help customers with different brands and varietals of wine. Wine is Bossard’s hobby and you can tell by the way he talks how much he loves his wines.

The store mainly promotes its self by word-of-mouth and recommendations from past and current customers. They give out business cards to customers when they make their purchase and ask them to hand them out to their friend. Shah has also placed ads in local papers such as the Scene and Chesterland News. Plus, they have taken out ads in West Geauga’s sports teams brochures.

Red, Wine & Brew has a website but it’s not totally functional yet. They have done a decent job getting the word out about the place yet they could do so much more. It truly is a diamond in the rough. I highly recommend checking out for all your beer, wine and cigar needs.

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Disclaimer: Please don’t drink until you’re 21 years old. If you do drink, please don’t drive!